• The lower energy of Selenium-75 provides improved radiographic contrast sensitivity for thinner materials (0.1-1.2 inches; 2.5-3.0 mm).
  • Lower energy translates to more effective shielding efficiency for collimators, portable shields, and radiography devices.
  • Selenium-75 has a significantly longer half-life than Iridium-192.

SPEC Se-75
SPEC DeviceSPEC-150 or
Source ModelSPEC G-60 or
Activity Availabilityup to 81 Ci (3 TBq)
Se-75 Physical Data
Half-life119.8 days
Exposure Rate Constant0.20 mR-m2/hr-Ci
Energy Range100-400 keV

Source Connecting Options

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SPEC offers different source connecting adapters that fit most radiography devices. Please contact us for more information on which adapters are best for your devices.
Source Connector Options