• The higher energy of Cobalt-60 allows for penetration of thicker materials (2 inches; 50.8mm or greater) with relatively short exposure time.
  • SPEC’s spherical source design allows for smaller focal sizes, improving contrast sensitivity.
  • Cobalt-60 has an extremely long half-life, allowing for sources to remain usable for 10 or more years

SPEC Co-60
SPEC DeviceSPEC-300
Source ModelSPEC G-70
Activity Availabilityup to 300 Ci (11.1 TBq)
Co-60 Physical Data
Half-life5.27 years
Exposure Rate Constant1350 mR-m2/hr-Ci
Energy Range1170-1330 keV

Source Connecting Options

SPEC offers different source connecting adapters that fit most radiography devices. Please contact us for more information on which adapters are best for your devices.
Source Connector Options