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Device Rentals – Co-60 Unit & Source CALL
Dosimeter Calibrations CALL
Survey Meter Calibrations CALL
Low Radiation Meter Calibrations CALL
Leak Test Analysis* on SPEC Sources & Devices CALL
Shop Labor Per Hour (1/2 Hour Minimum) CALL
Hot Cell Fee Per Hour (1 Hour Minimum) CALL
After Hours & Weekend Services Per Hour (1/2 Hour Minimum) CALL
Training Courses CALL
*Leak Test Analyses are performed on the following isotopes only: Iridium-192, Cobalt-60, Cesium-137, Depleted Uranium, and Selenium-75. Any leak test received for isotopes other than those listed above will be returned unprocessed.

Leak Test Kits are prepackaged and mailed to you at no charge. Charges are invoiced when analysis is performed. Call SPEC’s Sales Department to order kits: 504-464-9471.