SPEC offers complete control assemblies and components. Our control assemblies adapt to most popular radiography devices and are manufactured to various lengths and conduit flex.

Which Flex works best?

  • Rigid/Flex – Recommended for testing conditions containing steep inclines or sharp bends.
  • Flex/Flex – Recommended for testing conditions containing gradual inclines or slight bends.

SPEC High-Speed Crank

SPEC developed the High-Speed crank with user-safety in mind:

  • 16” (406.4mm) per crank results in fewer crank revolutions and reduces dose to radiographers due to high speed.
  • locking handle prevents accidental movement of the source during long exposures
  • The use of the high-speed crank is recommended for testing conditions where reducing exposure to the worker is a concern.

Part #LengthConduit Flex typeDevice
25722525 ftflex/flexSPEC-150, SPEC-300
25722625 ftrigid/flexSPEC-150, SPEC-300
25723535 ftflex/flexSPEC-150, SPEC-300
25723635 ftrigid/flexSPEC-150, SPEC-300
25725150 ftrigid/flexSPEC-150, SPEC-300

above controls are assembled with High-Speed Crank. Please inquire about standard pistol grip and competitive device attachments

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