Assistance with paperwork & labeling for the return of containers:

  1. Preparing Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods For Shipping Type B Packages Shipping-Instruction-with-sources
  2. Preparation of a SPEC C-1, Limited Qty of Radioactive Material shipping-instruction-limited-qty-pdf
  3. Preparation of an Empty SPEC C-1 for Transport
  4. Current Certificates to Include with Shipments

Effective immediately, please update your records. SPEC’s Special-Form-for-Iridium-192-and-Selenium-75-103116.pdf  has been changed from USA/0095/S to USA/0608/S.

Please return spacers with all drums. Spacers should be placed on top of the device. If no spacer was provided, please brace device in place to limit its movement in the event that the drum is inadvertently turned upside down during shipment.

Thank you for your attention regarding this matter.

MSDS Information