• durable
• withstands most common impacts
• highly corrosion resistant
• tie down holes

• disassembly is not required for normal cleaning or maintenance
• both the 150 and 300 systems are lubricant free
• replaceable ASM helps minimize unnecessary downtime

• SPEC’s Automatic Securing Mechanism (ASM) is a uniquely designed lock module with minimum moving components to secure the source assembly
• ASM helps minimize control hookup errors and control drive cable misconnects
• permanent warning & caution labels

SPEC offers an optional maintenance program designed to help control costs and keep equipment at peak performance

Constructionfully welded stainless steel
Shielddepleted uranium shield with
titanium S-tube
SourcesSPEC Model G-70
Rated Capacity300 Ci 11.1 TBq Co-60
Dimensions26″L x 14″W x 15″H
46″L x 30″W x 38.5″ with cart
Weight697 lbs without cart
884lbs with cart