Industry experts since 1974, Source Production & Equipment Company [SPEC] is a leading manufacturer of industrial radiography equipment and gamma source provider. Located in St. Rose, Louisiana, we proudly serve customers in the non-destructive testing, construction, industrial process, and medical industries worldwide.

SPEC supplies the world with quality industrial radiography products and radionuclide sources. Satisfying stringent industry standards, SPEC’s ISO certified Total Quality Management program adheres to ISO 9001procedures. Our TQM program provides quality throughout the manufacturing process and ensures the product meets our customer’s expectations.

Safety is SPEC’s top priority. We strive to offer the safest industrial radiography products on the market. Designed with the radiographer in mind, our engineering team researches and develop products using advanced industry knowledge and user feedback. In turn, this provides the end-user with products that are safe and reliable.

Innovation coupled with advanced industry knowledge allows SPEC to be a complete resource to its customers. SPEC’s on-site manufacturing facility can provide customized production services to meet your project needs. As an industry leader, SPEC is proud to share knowledge by offering diverse training courses that satisfy various industrial needs.

Originally founded by the industry-leading Dicharry family, Source Production today plays a crucial role in manufacturing industrial gamma radiography equipment and sources.  Learn More about Source Production’s History >>